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Being the region's largest e-bike retailer means we carry a huge selection of over 40-50 e-bikes for you to test drive. We proudly represent over 15 brands from across Canada, US, Netherlands, France, and the European Union. Scroll down to view our brand partners.
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To guarantee the best sales experience, we encourage booking an appointment.

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Due to the high volumes, we are currently servicing E-bikes purchased directly from our shop.

Please call to book an appointment.

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We know that every rider is unique and so is every e-bike. One thing you can count on us for is helping you find the perfect e-bike. We guarantee a fun, informative and comfortable environment because a positive customer experience is our number one priority. Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing our customers happy and satisfied.  

The Crew - Hamilton Electric Bikes

Our Electric Scooters


Hamilton Electric Bike's kickboard scooters are very easy to handle, and balancing is quite easy.

They make moving around in crowded areas a breeze. And accelerating/decelerating is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Some even come with shock absorbers to help ease the bumps along the journey.


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