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Tern HSD S00, P10, P5i models : ** Call to order **

Mighty But Mini
The HSD is the right amount of bike if you want the benefits of a cargo bike but still fancy the convenience and handling of something less bulky. Lean and nimble, the HSD is shorter than a regular bike yet capable of hauling a max gross vehicle weight (MGVW) of 180 kg (397 lb). And thanks to best-in-class components, rigorous lab testing, and UL 2849 certification, you can count on having a safe, reliable bike.

    Haul With Confidence
    The compact HSD electric cargo bike stuns with its heavy-hauling abilities. Load up on groceries, carry a furry friend, or make extended errand runs without worrying about overloading. A long wheelbase and extra-low center of gravity ensure easy handling and stability, even under load. The HSD is more than enough bike for reliable urban hauling.

    Room for a Friend
    Transform daily trips into exciting adventures by having a +1 tag along. And not just with your little ones. Rated to 80 kg, the sturdy Atlas H Rack is long and spacious enough to easily accommodate an adult passenger. And there’s a wide range of accessory choices to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Weekend picnics and date nights just got a lot more fun!

    Smart Security
    The HSD’s smart electronic lock activates automatically when you park, disabling the e-bike system and helping prevent theft. Your smartphone serves as the no-fuss digital key for unlocking the bike. S-Class models also include a high- decibel alarm with flashing LEDs to deter tampering, along with text notifications and GPS tracking in case the bike moves significantly.

    More Power to You
    Tackling steep hills and accelerating from a standstill loaded down with extra cargo just got a whole lot easier. Featuring the new Bosch Performance Line motor, the HSD now delivers up to 50% more torque compared to some previous HSD models, along with 340% pedal assistance. A new Auto mode can also sense deceleration on a climb and automatically compensate with extra support.

    Hit the Road
    A cargo bike should help expand your life, not restrict travel to your home base. With the compact HSD, you can venture out to more open spaces. Fold the HSD down flat in seconds to fit in an SUV or RV to journey where life takes you. Or board a train with the HSD and depart for even more cargo bike adventures.

    Built to Last
    Our philosophy is to keep our bikes on the road for as long as possible, not to create disposable products that are built to fail. We start with intentional design choices that make the bike serviceable and safe—and end up with a reliable vehicle you can use day in, day out. Then, we back it up with great local service and a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.


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