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Tern Orox S12, R14 models : ** Call to order **

The Orox adventure cargo bike defies extreme conditions to keep you going—no roads needed. This tenacious trooper packs up to two XL batteries to power you through extended off-grid explorations, and redefines what’s possible by bike with a massive Max Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 210 kg (462 lb) for best-in-class cargo capacity.

    Equipped with an ultra-high capacity Bosch PowerPack and dual-battery compatible for double the juice, Orox truly frees you from the iron grip of range anxiety. Ride longer and head deeper into the backcountry with immense range at your disposal. There’s no holding back now.
    Up to 161 km Single battery
    Up to 322 km Optional dual battery

    More than just a convenient cache for small essentials, the Frame Pack encases the forward battery to effectively insulate it against wind-chill and freezing temperatures. With the cold kept at bay, your battery stays warm and holds charge better.

    Day or night, come rain or shine—Orox is ready to roll when the mood strikes. Ride it year-round, through the dog days of summer and into the arctic embrace of winter. There’s no better way to experience the liberating outdoors than on a two-wheeler you can depend on.

    Frame-Integrated TowBar
    Turn Orox into a tow truck to bring everything you need, and more. The burly frame-integrated TowBar™ works with most trailer hitches so you can easily link a passenger, cargo, or pet trailer to your bike. Add the Tail Hitch XL to shift the trailer further back to make room for loaded panniers, or combine it with our Bike Tow Kit to bring an extra bike.


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