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Return & Cancellation


Within a 10-day period beginning on the date of purchase (or date of delivery for shipped online orders), products accompanied by a receipt may be eligible for returns. This period includes weekends and holidays.

Please review the following terms and conditions:

All refunds are contingent on non-negotiable inspection and evaluation. Only products that pass evaluation are eligible for refunds. HEB will not issue any refund credits until it is in possession of returned products. HEB cannot be held liable for the loss of or damages of products during a customer’s return shipping.

Please note we do not offer returns on:

  • Opened eBikes or eScooters with an odometer readings above 20 km’s (12.5 miles).
  • Products that have been involved in accidents, abused, neglected, tampered with, or feature non-OEM modifications (Not the Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • Any items that were financed.
  • Final Sales items, unless notified otherwise

Depending on the conditions of products upon receipt, an additional service charge may be withheld from the total refund amount to cover potential repairs and/or part replacements. HEB will provide an inspection summary for returns subject to additional service charges. The value of any missing products will also be withheld from the total refund amount at their full retail price.


To initiate a return of any kind, you must contact our support team via e-mail: info@hamiltonelectricbikes.ca or telephone at 905-545-2424.

You, the customer are:

  • solely responsible for organising shipping, plus any shipping and handling charges
  • solely responsible for paying the 20% restocking fee for items that have been assembled or removed from original packaging, which will be withheld from the total refund amount
  • solely responsible for returning the item in its original packaging and condition to HEB.
  • aware that HEB may withhold 3% credit card processing from a refund

If the original packaging has been disposed of, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to source the proper box and packaging material. The box must be the same or very similar to the dimensions, quality and protective properties of the original packaging. Failure to secure suitable boxing and packaging materials may result in additional charges held from the final refunded amount.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view our return address information.


HEB allows you to return your purchased online orders for a period of 10 days from the date of delivery that is marked in our records. Online orders typically are processed and added to our shipping queue within 48 hours after order confirmation.

If a product you ordered is unavailable, you will be refunded for it in full or asked to select a substitute product before the order is shipped.

Unshipped cancelled orders are subject to a refund, less a 3% administration fee which will be withheld from the total refund amount. Unshipped orders can be revised for a different product with approval from a member of our support team.

Orders cancelled after they have been shipped are subject to the normal Return Policy outlined above. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. Once you have accepted the delivery, contact HEB to obtain a return approval and ship the item back to the address listed. If delivery of a product is refused or missed by the customer, you will be refunded the purchase price excluding the original shipping cost, return shipping costs, plus the standard 20% restocking fee.

Due to increased fraudulent online activity, we reserve the right to cancel any online transaction. Common reasons include non-matching shipping and billing addresses. Our payment processor fraud detection software may take up to 2 days to process. If a transaction is cancelled, the customer has the first right of refusal on the product(s), and alternative payment methods will be offered.


Payment processing fees are the fees that we must pay every time we accept a credit card payment. This fee is imposed by our payment gateway on all merchants that use this built-in payment system. This is a non-refundable fee that HEB covers on behalf of the customer once an order is placed on our website. We do not charge this fee to customers when a purchase is made and HEB absorbs this added transaction fee on your behalf. As this fee is non-refundable, when a customer cancels an order, this 3% charge is not included in the refund that we receive for cancelling the order on behalf of the customer. This fee is passed along to the customer that cancels the order and is subtracted from the total refund amount.


HEB reserves the right to determine between defects, user damage, abuse and neglect, and normal wear-and-tear.

Confirmed defective parts on products are subject to each partner brand’s warranty policy.

If the product was purchased or delivered within the last 10-days and you wish to setup a return, it is still subject to our normal Return Policy outlined above.

If you believe you have a defective product that was purchased within the last 10-days, it may be eligible for a manufacturing inspection by HEB. The customer is solely responsible for bringing or sending the product in its original packaging to HEB when requesting a manufacturing inspection, including shipping and handling charges. We do not replace products that have been replaced from a previous defective claim. If a physical inspection cannot be arranged by our in-house technicians, we reserve the right to diagnose potential defects plus any additional issues remotely.


To notify us about a potentially defective product or request an inspection, e-mail our support team with a detailed description alongside supporting photographs/videos and any other documentation:


If there is significant visible damage to the shipping box or skid, you, the customer, have the right to refuse the package from the carrier. Please take photos and videos of the package and request that the carrier starts a claim with their company. We may ship you a replacement product as soon as we receive the old one back and assess the damages.


If you believe a damaged product has been sold or delivered to you, e-mail our customer service department within 48 hours of purchase or delivery with a detailed written description, supporting photographs/videos, and any other documentation: info@hamiltonelectricbikes.ca


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Note: Most refunds are processed within 5-10 business days upon receipt of the item(s).
If you have any questions or concerns regarding returns, please e-mail our support team:


Please give us a phone call at 905-545-2424 to discuss the status of your order. You may also email our support team: info@hamiltonelectricbikes.ca

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