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Electric Bicycles, Electric Bikes, Pedelecs, or as we like to call them, ebikes, have come a long way. What started as a quirky curiosity has now evolved into a trusty, practical and fun form of transportation for people from all walks of life and ability. Today’s ebikes, with their compact electric motors, slick and modern designs and improved battery technology have transformed the cycling game, making pedaling much easier and efficient. They offer riders a boost in speed and a stretch of kilometrage that studies show increases the average person’s riding by over 370% compared to a regular bicycle.

Since the humble bicycle was invented in Germany by Baron Karl von Drais back in 1817, bicycles have been a staple as a means of transportation for generations of people around the world. Cycling over the past number of decades especially in countries like Canada has generally been considered more of a sport or leisure activity. Today however, cycling has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts and is making a huge comeback beyond just a sport or leisure actively but back to a reliable and affordable means of transportation for commuting and even a tool for work (think couriers). With the invention of lighter and more efficient batteries and motors, ebike popularity has grown significantly over the past 20 years and are now outselling acoustic bikes in most categories in many communities.

Electric bicycles offer a variety of benefits that can enhance personal health, reduce environmental impact, and provide practical advantages in your daily life. 

Here are just some of the many benefits:

Improved Fitness:
E-bikes provide a level of exercise, improving cardiovascular health. For example, daily commutes can become a source of moderate physical activity.

Faster Commute:
E-bikes can bypass traffic, reducing travel time. For instance, an e-bike can cover a distance of 10 km in city traffic faster than a car.

E-bikes are cheaper to run than cars, saving you money. The cost of recharging an e-bike is significantly less than refueling a car.

E-bikes produce fewer emissions, reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing to commute with an e-bike instead of a car, you’re contributing to a cleaner environment.

E-bikes make cycling possible for people with different fitness levels. For example, someone recovering from an injury could use an e-bike for gentle exercise or rehabilitation.

Hill Climbing:
E-bikes can climb hills with ease. This is especially beneficial in cities with hilly terrains, like in the Niagara, Hamilton and Halton Regions

Reduced Sweat and Effort:
E-bikes allow you to arrive at your destination without being excessively sweaty. This is a real plus for those who need to cycle to work or school.

Fun and Enjoyment:
E-bikes add a level of enjoyment to rides. For instance, the thrill of speeding up with less effort to keep up with family or friends can make your ride more fun.

Increased Range:
E-bikes can cover longer distances without the rider getting overly tired or aggravating old injuries. This means you can tackle almost any commute or challenge yourself to plan longer weekend excursions without the fear of not being able to complete a ride.

E-bikes can be used on roads, bike paths, and trails, offering a wide range of cycling options. They can also be a car or public transportation replacement.

E-bikes allow for quicker acceleration and speed control, which can help riders get through intersections easier, out of traffic safer or get out of dangerous situations faster.

Low Impact Exercise:
Cycling on an e-bike is a low impact exercise, which is kinder on joints compared to high impact exercises like running or hammering the pedals on an acoustic bike up a steep hill or in a strong headwind.

Mental Health:
The moderate exercise you’ll get from e-biking can boost your mood and reduce stress levels. Cycling also is a great cognitive workout which carries many health benefits especially as we age. 

For most people, riding an ebike is as simple as rolling the bike outside, jumping on it and riding away. Unlike many other activities where you need to drive there, like a gym, swimming pool, yoga class, golf course etc. E-bikes can easily and conveniently be used for fun, leisure, chores or work. Bonus, most ebikes also come with features like cargo racks, making it easier to carry groceries, kids, laptops or other items.

Reduced Wear and Tear:
By using the electric assist feature on ebikes, you can reduce the stress on your joints and muscles and on the bike itself over long distances.

Increases Core Muscle Strength:
As mentioned earlier, an electric bike helps you to ride for extended periods of time with less stress on your muscles and joints. Slowly, but continuously, this kind of exercise builds and trains your muscles, joints and nervous system to better support your circulatory and skeletal system. Your muscles and lungs over time will develop a higher endurance capacity which dials back the release of lactic acid, muscle fatigue and joint pain. The stronger you get, the better you feel and the longer you will want and most importantly, be able to ride. 

No Need for a License:
Unlike motorcycles, mopeds, scooters or cars, e-bikes don’t require a driver’s license, plates, insurance, or registration in Ontario.

Increased Social Interaction:
Group rides with mixed fitness levels and types of bikes are easier with e-bikes, as they level the playing field for everyone. Also, in many communities there are meet-ups, fun rides or charity rides that are specifically for ebike riders or open to allowing ebikes to participate and are great ways to meet new people.

Promotes Regular Exercise:
Because e-biking is fun and less strenuous, it encourages more regular exercise, leading to improved overall health.

Economical Commuting Option:
Compared to a car or public transportation, an e-bike is a much more economical option for commuting. Also, many times in busy congested cities an ebike can get you from point A to point B faster than a car or public transportation; and time is money as they say! 

Aid in Rehabilitation:
E-bikes can aid in physical rehabilitation, helping people gradually regain strength and mobility much easier and safer than on a regular bicycle. For example, someone recovering from a knee surgery may use an e-bike as part of their recovery process. In fact, many customers tell us that is was their family doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist or other caregiver that recommended they try an ebike to aid in their recovery or to improve their overall physical or mental fitness

A Real Form of Exercise:
Yes, you still get exercise with an ebike!
While ebikes do some work for you, they still count as exercise, particularly for people who have otherwise been sedentary or have mobility issues. One study found that when 20 non-exercising  test subjects started ebiking for just 40 minutes three times per week, their cardiovascular health and blood sugar showed marked improvements in under one month. Another study done in 2019 showed that people who purchased an ebike road 370% more than they did on their acoustic bike.

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