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Warranty Policy

Hamilton Electric Bikes (HEB) Warranty Policy

Product warranty depends on the brand that you are buying.

When purchasing an ebike, kick-scooter, parts or accessories be sure you understand the warranty periods. For example, some brands may offer a six month warranty whereas others may offer a two year or more warranty period. Some brands may also have prorated warranties. For example, they may offer you 100% in year one, 80% in year two and 70% in year three etc.

In general, all our brand partners carry substantially good warranties that warrant against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a set period of time.

One of the benefits of purchasing from HEB is that we help you manage your warranty so you never need to deal directly with the manufacturer or brand. You only need to contact HEB and we will help you with all warranty issues if one should arise.

Your warranty pertains to any of the essential electric bicycle or scooter components that are found defective, provided that the product has not passed its warranty period and was used in a standard and controlled manner, and that it was maintained according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Essential components include the bicycle frame, electric motor, battery, display console and controller or any other parts specified by the manufacturer.

Warranty Process:

If a defective part is found during your warranty period:

  • Notify HEB immediately either by phone, email or by dropping into the shop
  • HEB will examine, test drive or run a diagnostic test on your ebike or scooter depending on the issues(s) to determine the issue and if it qualifies for a warranty
  • HEB will confirm the necessary parts or components and work with the manufacturer, supplier or brand to replace said parts or components.

IMPORTANT: Your warranty may be void if any repair, alteration or change to the product is performed by you or any third party aside from HEB service centre.

NOTE: Most brand partners do not cover the cost of repair (labour) and some do not cover the cost of shipping some parts. Usually only the cost for the replacement parts or components are included in any warranty claim. Be sure to check with your HEB technician if you are not sure about your particular warranty to verify these conditions in relation to your particular ebike or kick-scooter.. 

It is expressly agreed that this warranty applies only to the cost of repair or replacement of the product, and its accessories. HEB is not liable for any financial loss and / or prevention of profit and / or any consequential loss that may be caused by non-standard usage of the product. HEB is not responsible for any liability that may occur which could possibly apply to the product and / or its user due to the usage of the product and that the customer alone is solely responsible for third party insurance and / or other insurance as required by the nature of the particular product. HEB is not responsible for any possible damage including bodily harm and damage to property. The warranty does not apply if any part of the product is damaged as a result of abuse or negligence, environmental or weather conditions, an accident, or inadequate maintenance.

As mentioned above, this warranty does not apply to the tires, spokes, brakes, rims, and other mechanical components not mentioned in a brands warranty policy.

Our promise to you: HEB is here to help you when and if you need help with your purchase. Will do what we can to get you back out there as fast as humanly possible. But sometimes stuff happens and there may be delays in parts, we may get sent the wrong parts, it may be a very busy time of season or for whatever reason your product may not be able to get fixed. We will nonetheless work to the best of our abilities with the brand partner to try and rectify the situation in a timely and equitable manner.


For any further details or inquiries please contact us at: 905-545-2424

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